No pasa nada… And it passed too

LA was beautiful! It started off perfect. Everyone always wants to meet someone cute, funny, and easy to talk to on the plane right! Well, it happened! He was cute, funny, and so easy to talk to. So let me start you off with how the trip started. Easy check in, got frisked *every time!* and got on my first flight no problem. Everything was going so smooth, but the ride did not. Talk about some turbulence. So I’m waiting before getting to board my next flight. There were a few cute guys waiting too. Oh I hoped that I had enough good karma to let me sit next to one of them. So I go to board my plane to LA and boom! Cute guy alert! Maybe this 4 hour flight wouldn’t be THAT bad. They keep boarding and a guy and his little sister came up. You can see she was scared. They didn’t get seats next to each other either. So I gave up my seat to be in the middle, but *drum roll please* there was a cute guy right there too who I would be sitting next to. Fun fact, we made eye contact and a semi awkward smile previous. *cue beginning of a cheesy rom-com*

So like any real traveler, my phone was about to die. Needed to find a charging port asap. I had two options. Either don’t charge my phone, risk not getting an Uber, and being stuck at an airport OR feel around trying to find the outlet OR ask the cute guy who looks like James from Big Brother (guilty pleasure). Well, asking seemed like the best thing. I didn’t want to just feel up on any guy *enters awkward and dramatic wink* (sometimes they just don’t make an emoji for everything). So we started to talk and if you know me or paid attention to my other blog posts, I have been feeling confident and it was time to make a move. So he found my outlet and I glanced at his calendar. We started to talk about work and having busy schedules. Easy. Before the plane even took off, we were already following each other on Instagram 😏

After 2 hours of talking, Mr. Big Wing wanted to take a nap (nicknames are important when you are a serial dater). Traveling for work. I got it. Well, welcome to the bigger part of turbulence in my flight. He must have woken up with confidence or a really good dream because now our whole conversation turned-well, it just turned. So after tons of more talking. The plane did a little turbulence drop. Nothing major, but my hand reached for the armrest. Well, I did not get the armrest πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Before you all laugh about me getting something else, it was his leg. Dirty birds! So I apologized and for the first time I was embarrassed. Embarrassed about making a move? Hell no! Embarrassed about being freaked out about a little drop? Yup! So I apologized a lot and we made a joke about it saying I’m glad I touched just your leg and didn’t grab anything else. 😏😏 His response….. You could have grabbed anything you wanted. Now normally, I would not have been impressed, but there was some odd chemistry. So from plane neighbors, to flirt mates we became.

How did it end? Well I WAS in LA for 6 days, but as all good writers know. Leave the readers in suspense. What I will say is that LA has taught me how to be chill. How to let my light grow again. How to accept positive energy. How to let go of negatives. Most importantly, how to just relax.

So I always end my blog post with no pasa nada. There is a reason for that. In college, my best friend used to tell me when I was upset no pasa nada. I never knew what it meant. It means and this too shall pass. So some people are dealing with anxiety, some with a bad breakup, some with a hard time at work, or some who just take the bad energy away from others. My biggest thing I can tell you all is no pasa nada. The bad will pass and make way for the good. Sometimes we have to get through a little turbulence to land in the city lights.

No pasa nada. 😘

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