Truly back to myself

Ever just wake up and be in your feelings and by lunch start feeling yourself? Oh? Not you? Well I always said I was going to be honest. It is 100% me. Some days I feel myself and other days I am in my feelings before I wake up. Luckily, I have been so confident and feeling myself. Today is no different!

Today I am traveling to NYC. Tomorrow, I will be traveling to the beautiful LA. I am ready to get away and enjoy my life again. A few short days with friends and nature and I know I will only be able to be back to who I was. It’s so scary to know that there were some people who walked into my life and they never knew who the real me was. Some people only know the changed me. The one who was scared, the one who lost her confidence, and the one who stopped standing up for herself.

Well, today February 13th is my day. It’s Galentine’s Day so I have to shout out all the lovely ladies in my life who pulled me out of this. The ones who gave the tough love, the ones who took me out on the days I felt myself, the ones who took me back home when I wanted to go home, and the ones who let me talk all day and all night to cry, vent, and listen. A special shout out to the ones who entered my life during this time and understood, cheered me on, and hugged me when I just needed a hug.

Besides that sappiness as some of them would say, to be away from the darkness makes you see the light of the world. When you have light, you attract light. So I get on this train. I always go right to the Cafe carts. More room, tables, *normally* cute business men, and uhm food! So I throw my stuff on a table, find a spot for my suitcase, pulled up my ticket, and took off my leather coat. I was not paying attention to anything, but when I looked up, 4 guys were staring at me. I stopped to ask them what’s wrong and what are they looking at. I sat down and the guy next to me told me I was drop dead gorgeous and if he did not have a conference call that he would sit at the table with me. Well, go me! *does happy dance*

Instead of being so concerned with what other people had to say about me, I started to focus on how I felt. Do I feel sexy that day? If so, that’s what I’m going to project on everyone else. This is my life not anyone else’s. I’m finally ready to take it all back and have the control.

No pasa nada ❤️

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