Taking sexy back in Superbowl

Just like the Superbowl ending, I too had the end of a season or maybe the beginning of one? For once, I was able to wake up and the pain was gone. You know when you lose what you thought was a great love? It takes days, months, even sometimes years to get over it. Sometimes the pain never stops hurting. Sometimes it takes forever or what you think is forever to stop the hurt. But it finally happened! Of course I painted on a smile for friends and family, but at the end of the day I would cry while watching some sappy movie on Netflix. I woke up, I felt like myself and I was ready to take on the world.

So what did I do to take on the world? I went on Tinder 😜🤫 Oh the wonderful world of swiping and matching. Now I’ve had Tinder before back when I was living in NYC. But why not swipe during the night and see what’s out there. Instant confidence booster *just add water *

For still having that little voice in my head telling me “I will never be as beautiful as this one” or “I’m just fat” still stuck in my head. The once great love that I thought really knew how to stick it to me to hurt me. Confidence is hard sometimes. But I have learned confidence grows from inside of you. Confidence is about you and how you handle things.

The messages that came in made me realize that little voice I had was actually from someone who is more self conscious than I am. Someone who didn’t like themselves so they wanted to hurt others too. I’m a smart person and for me not to see the writing on the wall, kills me now. But alas! It finally happened. I read the writing, I wiped it off and I walked out of the room to close and lock that door. They always say when one door closes another opens up and if one does not open, God will open up 2 windows for you. My windows of opportunities opened and I was so excited to have them.

So why Superbowl cupcakes? Well, I wanted to go back to the game roots. Just like I went back to my root of who I was. So, for the Patriots I made a Ginger Ale spice cupcake with a cinnamon sugar cream cheese frosting. The Rams had a chocolate coffee cake with a plain buttercream. I mean, can we look at this frosting and how it looks!?!? I’m so proud and cannot wait to try more. Piping is such a calming thing to do. I can truthfully pipe for hours. *insert sexual innuendo here*

Was the Superbowl exciting? Not really. It was a defensive game by far, but it really can teach you something. Everyone expects a game to be high scoring. Everyone expects for the offense to be the top team, but the defense was strong. So let your defense be strong too. Let yourself stand up and tackle whatever you need to in your life.

In a room full of muffins be a cupcake ❤️ no pasa nada

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