Be the penny in the wishing well

Wishes. Hope. Prayer. Picking a penny heads up from the ground. Throwing a coin in a fountain. A shooting star. 11:11.

No matter what your go to on making wishes might be, there is always something that gives you that hope. I saw this thing that said if you can’t decide on something, flip a coin because as it’s up in the air, the side of the coin you are hoping for is what you actually want and it will help you make a decision. Well, I have taken that fully and been flipping a coin a lot lately.

I have an alarm on my phone to go off every day at 11:10 pm to make a wish on 11:11. Sounds dumb saying it out loud, but it’s something I enjoy doing. I make wishes. I do hope and pray and manifest what I want for it to come true. People at work often ask how I stay so optimistic and I tell them that it’s what I do. I’ve been in some shitty relationships and I’ve done so much growing from that.

My past relationships have taught me so much. From being in a physically abusive relationship to being used and taken advantage of. Cheating. Lying. Manipulating. Being with someone who does this creates toxic characteristics that you have to try to combat with them. Apologizing for everything including falling asleep and waking up gasping for air because you know you will be accused of cheating (yes even just by being asleep). It’s crazy to think you put up with it because of “love.”

Over a year of being single and learning about myself again. Loving life. Loving who is in my life. Seeing these people are in my life for who I am and not what I can do for them. Seeing the red flags in guys I date quicker than a high school bus pulling up to Six Flags.

Most importantly... Loving myself. Loving myself for who I am and what I know I can bring to the table because I value myself. 

I always have had hope for so many things. Hope for everything to work out. Everything to go the way I would like it to and the way I imagined. But the way life works…. It does not always work the way you want it to. Sometimes you won’t get the job you want or will drop your perfect cup of coffee. Maybe you will get into a fight with your significant other or forget to set an alarm. Things happen for a reason. You may not know why now or even years from now so never get the why.

So understand that things will happen. Things might get crazy and you feel your life is spiraling and you are out of control. Some unfortunate things might happen to you that seem your world is falling apart, but find the little light in your life. Maybe it’s someone in passing who complimented you in the store or someone who called you to vent because you are their person. Maybe it’s the cup of coffee that hit the spot or finding a new hobby to start. And if you really feel you do not have a light in your life, find one in yourself. Let your light grow baby! Show people you won’t let anyone get you down. What you manifest in the world comes back at you. Put good into the world and good comes back!

And remember…. No Pasa nada 🥰

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