Be unapologetically you

Glow up girl! When you have a chance, glow up. I was always scared of telling people really how I felt. Exactly what I was thinking. When you finally do, you feel so much better! Then you get a real glow up.

So much traveling has happened. So many new exciting things have happened. The most exciting thing that did happen to me though was I finally glowed up! I am happier than I can remember. I was so unhappy for 3 years that I forgot what happy really was like. Waking up and feeling like I can conquer the world. Going on about my day with no cares in the world about what people think about me, what they could be saying, or what I thought I did wrong. Instead, I’m focusing on what I did right. What I did that was amazing. What I did that was…. Well, me. Im unapologetically me.

I found a new job. Well, someone found the job for me, but still. I wasn’t even looking, but it was sent and I said why not. I was so scared to move on from what I know, but complacency is terrible. So I had to take the leap. With many tears, sleepless nights, and a few conversations to make sure it was the right decision, I accepted and was on my way to something bigger and brighter. This company and what it believes in, is beautiful. And it was a huge leap in happiness. They had me do so much traveling and I couldn’t be any happier from that. This company believes in being you and not being someone fake. Be who you are. Believe in what you want to believe in. Voice your opinion. When you have a company in your professional career that is that strong about who they are and what they believe in, it only helps you even more.

I stopped dating around. God that sounds terrible. I stopped serial dating? Not even, I never went out with them…. Serial talking?? You spend weeks talking to these people and never meet up. I mean they are fun to play with and talk to, but what’s the point of having conversations and getting to know people if nothing happens. Well, I was over it. Over the bs, over the toxic, over not living and doing for me. I told my mom I was over dating websites so I got off of all of them. Fuck it. I was tired of the effort. My mom told me that something amazing will come to you when you stop looking and you enjoy life. So that’s what I was going to do. I was focused on this new job and this new adventure. Every day felt like an adventure. It was just amazing to wake up and be happy again. I forgot how amazing that felt.

So you know how they say you don’t need to go looking when something can find you instead? Well that concept is hard for me. Really hard. I don’t let weeds grow under my feet. I don’t wait for something to happen. I make things happen, but for once I had to stop. So I did. And maybe when someone is so happy and just satisfied with who they are is when something finds you. I gained so many new friends, strengthened other friendships, gained new mentors, and got to enjoy time with my family again. I had people who were in my life before when I was happy and how they saw how upset and honestly depressed I was. I was unhappy. So unhappy. My anxiety raised to an all time high. But when I finally let go of the negativity (or that one negative person) and enjoyed who I was and what I had to offer, I felt people were back to enjoying who I was.

When you work on yourself things come to you. It’s crazy how it actually happens. But here I am, working for a dream company, being told every 2 seconds how lucky someone is to be with me, being appreciated for the smallest of things, getting flowers because he knew they were your favorite, laughing with family, and being happy. I’m unapologetically me and if someone doesn’t like that, well I don’t care anymore.

No pasa nada ❤️

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