Confidently in Champagne

What’s a better way to start off my new year than with a little champagne?! I finally woke up one morning and had my confidence back. Like I said some relationships change who you are… Some for the better and some for worse. I felt like myself again. I felt like I was the queen of this world. I want you to have that confidence too.

I was trying to take a very sexy selfie the other day and I almost was in tears thinking why am I not a size 2 or why isn’t my stomach flat like many of the people around me? I called one of my friends because like I said, I like to vent and talk. As I was talking to her she interrupted me and told me that she’s sick of this everyone wants to be thin shit. Everyone needs to be confident with what you have as everyone is sexy. I thought about that long and hard and said she was right (God that killed me to say too). So that night, I got in my room, loaded up Snapchat, and said that’s it! I took a few pictures to make me feel sexy again! Were they sent? Yup! To my girls of course! Nothing hypes you up more than a bunch of your best friends.

So I decided to name my first real post in dedication to not only me, but my confidence! I woke up after that night early in the morning (4 am early!) and I talked with my mom. We had such a great talk (like we always do) and I decided I’m going to get dressed up for work. I treated myself to a full “treat yo self” morning. I took a long hot shower, did a hair mask, full body scrub, a face mask, blew out my hair, and did my makeup (also prayed I did not cry… Forgot my setting spray). I jammed out in my car to 90s music and Momma Mia (feel good movie…. You should watch it if you haven’t and see how good you feel). After getting to work, the first thing I was told was I looked so happy and they asked who I was going to see tonight. In all honesty, it was for me, but I did have a hot date with my friend to give her the Christmas gifts and play with her baby. 🙂

Confidence is such a funny thing. It’s true either you have it or you don’t. Everyone has insecurities, but to squash them and to not see it. Now that’s what is key! I want everyone to look at themselves in a mirror or on Snapchat and choose a favorite filter or don’t (you don’t need one, I like to play with them). You need to figure out what is the one thing you love about yourself. I couldn’t figure mine out when a friend asked me to be honest with you all. After video chatting with an old friend and the first thing he said to me was that I had beautiful eyes and long lashes, I relooked at myself and realized wow, I do! That one compliment turned everything around. I realized how many other things I loved about myself. Did it take a compliment to really make me see that? For me, yes as I have been told for a few years “are you really wearing that?,” “you’re fat,” and many other more hurtful comments. But to take those comments and squash them, made me open my eyes and see how beautiful I really am.

So I decided to bake a new cupcake that I have never done before. I made a simple vanilla cupcake and instead of water, added champagne. Popping off that cork made me feel great. It was the start of something for me. I bought this domain and I was ready to celebrate! The batter tasted great and I was so excited! Also, instead of cooking them in the oven, I cooked them in my new cupcake maker (shout out to my sister’s boyfriend for my machine!) It is so easy! 7-10 minutes and boom! A whole batch of cupcakes instantly. In just a few minutes they are ready to be frosted too. So I wanted to make champagne buttercream so bad! But, I decided since these were going into my job, I didn’t want to be accused of bringing in alcohol to work lol. So a strawberry buttercream it was! I read so many recipes where they wanted you to use puree, but my town is so small. So my local grocery store had preserves, so preserves it was! After I could finally taste the strawberry (simple buttercream recipe and I used about 9 tablespoons of strawberry preserves), I piped them all out on all of the cupcakes. Piping job: 4 I tried a new method, didn’t like it at all! Had my parents try the cupcakes. Reviews: dad “it tasted good!” mom: “yeah it does” they both made a face…. Something was wrong, so I had to say something! ‘the frosting is overpowering the cupcake right?’ Both agreed! Oh thank goodness! I thought it was the cupcake, but the frosting can be fixed.

That’s when I realized how much we are like a cupcake! A cupcake has a base just like us. Our base is who we are, it’s who people see as our main outline. The base of flavor. It is always a ____ cupcake WITH ____ frosting. Once I saw my cupcakes have all been frosted, I took my bowl of frosting and was able to just wipe it back into the bowl, add a little milk and bam! It wasn’t as sweet anymore! Now to the frosting… Frosting is our personality traits. I have always been told I’m too sweet. Actually, I have always been told I’m “too” something in my life during dating. “too educated,” “too fat,” “makes too much money,” and my most recent is “too sweet!” I never understood the education or the money one as I would think people would want their girlfriend to be successful, but that’s another day. So I’m going to focus on too sweet, just like my frosting. I would give my last dollar to someone so they would be happy. I would give up any happiness I had to make others happy or laugh even if I couldn’t too. So as I was watching my frosting get fixed, I looked into the bowl and saw how easy it was for something (or someone) to get so transformed. So if the people around you can change you, why can’t you change yourself? So that’s what I decided! I’m still going to be nice, because that’s my base from what my parents raised me to be, but I’m not going to be TOO nice anymore. Goodbye too! Hello just simple nice.

So the cupcakes you may ask… Did they get fixed? Do they taste bomb af? Damn straight they do! Frosting job: 8! I was dancing in my kitchen for how happy I was with the recipe! Yes, there was twerking and yes there was shimmying. I had the time of my life again and my confidence and my happiness was back. Because at the end of the day, you can never ever be TOO confident or TOO happy. So I will leave you all with that note.

So whether you are licking the frosting, dancing in the kitchen, or taking an amazing selfie, enjoy it! Life is too short to not endulge a little. No pasa nada 😊

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